The Project

The acronym acuraid stands for acupuncture research and indication database.

The meaning of acupuncture nowadays is way more than the traditional chinese techniques. Several asian schools influenced acupuncture adding diverse needle techniques and approaches. In addition there are western methods such as triggerpoint acupuncture (dry needling) and microsystems.

The amount of clinical trials over the last decades almost exploded. Hence, it is not always reproducable why certain approaches are succesful and others not.

The whys and wherefores of acupuncturing became unclear.

The aim of this database is to collect data from daily routine acupuncture on the basis of a scientific rationale. We will construct a database that will be able to indicate which trans-national approach may be helpful in specific indications. This way, answers to indicationspecificity, casespecificity, pointspecificity and other questions in acupuncture can be made.

Singel users have the ultimative facility to compare their own approach with a chosen peergroup.

The database is an unselfisch open-access scientific project. The scientific team behind acuraid has no fincancial interests. Results from entered data will be scientifically explored and published.