Why should I participate on acuraid?

The primary aim of registering on acuraid is to improve the current scientific knwoledge regarding the daily routine in acupuncture treatment.

Your advantages:

The personal benefit lays in a free-of-charge use of the whole database. This, making possible to compare the one approach to specialists of the same or different fields. You can get approaches for specific indications or populations and get an overview on reported side effects.

In addition, your data entry will be a possible solution facilitating your clinical documentation. Medical records for each day and the whole treatment course can be simply assessed, they are clearly arranged and print-outs for you archives can be generated.

Shortly, applications for mobile devices will be integrated and facilitate once more the accessibility to your personal and worldwide database.

Data entry is time-sparing. After your initial registration it will not take you longer than a written note to your records.

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